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Work Accidents

Accidents at work are far more common than you might think. It’s the legal duty of every employer to provide safe working conditions for their staff, but this is not always fulfilled. If this is not fulfilled, then not only could they be breaking the law, but they are putting their employees at risk of disease, injury or possibly death.

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No matter what your profession, accidents at work can happen. It’s not just factories and construction sites that provide a setting for accidents; office environments can also be hazardous. Slips, trips and other incidents can occur that can leave employees unable to work through injury.

Your Employer is Legally Responsible

Every employer is responsible to their employees to ensure that they are in a safe environment with a safe system of work. Not only does this protect the health of their workers and lower the cost of claims filed against them, but it protects their productivity and revenue.

Employers’ health and safety responsibilities may include testing electrics regularly, providing adequate protective equipment and informing staff of the dangers in the workplace. Each environment has a set of accident at work risk factors that need to be handled by both the employers and the employees.

Workplace Claim Types

If you are expected to drive a vehicle for your employer, their responsibility for providing you with a safe environment includes the time that you spend on the road. The vehicle that you have been supplied with needs to be safe and roadworthy. If a road accident occurs that injures you as the driver, then you may be entitled to make a claim for accident at work compensation.

When it comes to providing safety precautions against accident at work risks, employees will be at increased risk if employers do not attend to this thoroughly. Accident at work claims can be made for compensation for any injuries that occur in the workplace.

Health and Safety laws and regulations have to be adhered to by the employer to provide a safe environment and lower the risk of accidents at work.

Claims that we have successfully brought to conclusion for compensation include:

  • Hearing damage caused by noisy machinery.
  • Skin conditions brought on by exposure to dangerous substances.
  • Respiratory conditions caused by exposure to chemical fumes.
  • Injuries caused by manual handling or lifting.
  • Injury from exposure to vibrating machines.
  • Amputations, hernias, sprains and strains.
  • Trips, slips and falls.

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